Premium Lifting Straps

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Strength, performance, and comfort are the hallmarks of Machine Fitness Lifting Straps.

Unlike our regular lifting straps, Power Lifting Straps are thicker and longer and made with a cotton and polyester blend to reduce grip fatigue. Material that's been woven with special weaving methods to be as durable as possible. Adjustable size, loop style. Improves and strengthens grip, made for athletes who require a tight grip.

Machine Fitness Premium Lifting Straps will let you get to your true muscle exhaustion when your pull muscles can't take any more - it's time to get the most out of your training.

You can now put those larger parts of your body to exhaustion and unlock your full muscle growth potential. Our customers will tell you that these are the most effective straps you can buy.

Power Lifting Straps from Machine Fitness are sleek, black, and they are branded with our iconic rubber badge. Perfect for Olympic lifters and gym-goes, take your training to the next level.

- Built for strength, comfort and Performance
- Longer and thicker than other straps
- High quality, tough and durable
Featuring a sleek, black design with a rubber badge logo
Suitable for pulling exercises such as deadlifts, rows, and shrugs
- One size fits all

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